Psychosocial Approaches to the Treatment of Depression

Psychosocial Approaches to the Treatment of Depression

The treatment of major depression and dysthymia in primary care has focused primarily on pharmacotherapy. Many patients may prefer psychotherapeutic interventions instead of, or as a complement to, medication. In fact, psychotherapeutic interventions can be highly effective. There are other psychosocial approaches, such as support groups, stress reduction techniques, and other modalities, that can also be effective as adjuncts in symptom reduction and longer-term relapse prevention.

This course discusses which psychosocial approaches are effective and how to integrate them into your practice with your patients, according to evidence-based research and best practice guidelines. A range of resources for physicians and printable patient education materials about formal therapies, counseling, support groups and self-help approaches complement the research discussion throughout the course.

Course Need, Goal, Objectives, and Target Audience
Objectives: After completing this course you will be able to

  • Discuss how psychosocial approaches can benefit your depressed patients
  • Apply best practice guidelines for the treatment and management of depression using psychosocial approaches
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of major types of formal psychotherapies in the prevention and treatment of depression
  • Evaluate other psychosocial approaches, such as supportive counseling, stress reduction, coping skills, and self-help groups
  • Integrate psychotherapies and other psychosocial approaches into treatment plans with your patients

Audience: Healthcare Providers

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