Use Your Lymphatic System as Your Longevity Tool

Use Your Lymphatic System as Your Longevity Tool

Keeping our vital lymphatic system in good health can improve every aspect of our life, yet many people never to stop and think about its usefulness and necessity to our daily life. Lymph is the crystal clear material you may see leaking from an injury just prior to the onset of blood flow. It carries a variety of beneficial materials such as immune cells, hormones, and fats to the necessary areas in the body. It acts as a toxic removal system for the body''s contaminants. It gathers toxins, viruses, deceased and diseased cells, cancerous cells and other dangerous material. Then moves it along by means of the lymph nodes for purification. Finally, it filters it though the body via the circulatory system and out through the kidneys.

Lymphatic (lymph nodes which are swollen) problems result in a broad range of incapacitating symptoms. Lymphedema is an illness which causes swelling of damaged tissue caused by a troublesome lymphatic system, and affects one percent of the population in the United States, and 250 million world-wide according to the World Health Organization. Lymphedema can be caused by infections or an abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid.

Finding your lymph nodes is quite easy, particularly if they become inflamed and puffy. Look for them in your armpit, groin and neck. Look for these probable symptoms that your lymphatic system is not in good working order. Some warning signs involve bloated limbs (arms or legs), joint rigidity or hardening of the limb, dry skin or thickening of the skin, bad breath and/or body odor, sleepiness or listlessness, chronic fatigue, a depressive disorder, glandular fever, high blood pressure, painful cramping, flu-like symptoms, hormonal instability, headaches, digestive problems - to name only a few!

Try the following effortless exercise for 5-10 minutes daily, perhaps while watching TV, to motivate your lymph and get it moving right direction. Use a soft dry brush with purely natural bristles and gently brush up each leg on each side. Lymph is meant to stream in the direction of the heart; keep your strokes continually moving toward it. Continue brushing up the torso, and up the arms towards the heart. If your brush is higher than the heart, then remember to brush down towards it. Try also shifting the brush strokes towards the collarbone on each side as crucial lymph glands are in position there as well.

There is a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment for those suffering from Lymphedema or whose lymphatic system is compromised in any way. Manual lymphatic massage improves and promotes our natural health defenses and provides a sense of vigor. This can be a definite useful tool for people with unresolved psychological difficulties, anxiety and strain, minimal energy, sports traumas, and problematic respiratory issues. I suggest you investigate a qualified lymphatic massage therapist for this massage treatment. The reduction of swelling improves the quality of life and reduces the occurrence of cellulitis (an infection in the layers of skin and fat tissues on the legs, arms, or face) and other life-threatening infections. After a lymphatic massage, make sure to drink plenty of water. The recommendation is 1 gallon per day for 3 days following the massage. This is necessary to initiate a flow through the circulatory system and begin to flush out the toxins.

When the lymph system isn''t functioning as designed, immunity and disease prevention is put in serious jeopardy. In addition, tissues and organs functionality are compromised, and the body’s cancer surveillance structure is severely compromised. Researchers are aware that the lymph system is also essential to understanding the propagation of AIDS.

The lymphatic system can come to a standstill without much difficulty at all. It does not come equipped with pumping device to initiate the lymph into motion (in the way the blood flows through the heart). It depends mainly on being tightened and pushed by muscles. Physical exercise and a healthy organic diet are helpful aids of the lymphatic system. What tends to put it lethargic state is eating fatty foods and becoming dehydrated by not drinking enough water.